quarta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2015

Lockheed Martin


Lockheed Martin is proud to partner with Brazil on a variety of programs and capabilities.  From radar to submarines to alternative energy, Lockheed Martin has a diverse portfolio of proven technologies to help our Brazilian customers meet their most challenging global security needs.

A few of our major programs in Brazil include:

Radars- Brazil currently uses Lockheed Martin’s B-34 radar for its System for Vigilance and of Amazon (SIVAM).  In addition, Brazil uses Lockheed Martin’s family of all solid-state, long-range, 3D radars for air defense, surveillance, and air traffic control. 

Submarine Upgrades- In 2007, Lockheed Martin was selected to upgrade and modernize Brazil’s submarine fleet by the U.S. Navy as part of a foreign military sale (FMS).

C-130- Lockheed Martin transport aircraft have a long history of serving customers in the Americas.  Brazil is a valued C-130 operating partner.

P-3 Orion- The world standard in maritime patrol and reconnaissance – the P-3 provides valuable maritime surveillance service and monitoring to Brazil.

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